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About Aswani Homes

Aswani Homes is the Home Projects Wing of Aswani Properties, Bangalore.

To deliver the best value to our customers, we do extensive research on affordable homes, value pricing, optimum spaces, quality construction and attractive financing.

We understand the dreams and aspirations of young professionals, and we also are aware of the challenges they could face in their first jobs, or early in their careers. Especially when it comes to moving into the first homes, buying their first scooters, or cars, planning and buying each appliance for their home.

Most of the time, a lot of the financial commitment towards this, comes together or, needs to be planned in a phased manner depending on needs and priorities. That’s why investing in an apartment linked to a home loan seems like a big challenge to these young professionals. With lots of questions in their minds – will I be eligible on the basis of my salary? What budgets should I look at for my first home? Will I find something affordable?

At Aswani Homes we have set up an advisory cell to help you make key financial decisions and pick the right home loans for your needs. We are also working some interesting customer advisory concepts, like the ones listed below.

  • Stop Paying Rent. Start Paying EMI.
  • Safer to buy an apartment, than a site.
  • The best time to think of your own home, is NOW
  • When you delay making a decision, it costs you more.

These articles and thougth-starters will be featured in our blogs, facebook pages and can also be sent to you via email. Just send us mail to aswanihomes@aswaniproperties.com to be on our information updates listing.

These are available to as informative articles on this site that you can download and share.

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