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There’s something very comforting about the way the people behind Aswani manage and develop their projects. As a customer I have seen great assistance and total transparency in all their dealings with me. Right from selection, to registration and legal documentation, I received great support and engagement. Even after we have moved in, they are always available for assistance.

Kunal Gaurav - customer at Aswani Sitara

When we bought our 3 BHK apartment at Aswani Sitara, little did we realize what a comfortable community we would move into. At Sitara, we have amenities like club house and swimming pool, which are normally available in larger projects. Aswani has a good team of planners, designers and builders – they made my dream come true.

R. Satish Babu - customer at Aswani Sitara

One of the most reassuring things about Aswani Properties is their diligence in obtaining proper sanctions and approvals from civic bodies for their projects. I am a customer at Aswani Sitara, and I have had my papers verified by an external legal consultant, who finds my entire file in proper order – right from land acquisition, plan sanction, and the individual processes that ensure that there are no deviations in construction. And that is one big relief ​when someone is making a major investment like this . . .

Sunil Kulkarni - customer at Aswani Sitara

In our old house, my grandchildren had no place to play in the evenings. Even I found it unsafe to go for my everyday walk near the house because of heavy traffic. When we moved into our villa at Aswani Springdale, it was like heaven for me. So much of breathing space, with tree-lined avenues, a large park with exotic trees and a spacious play area for the children. This is heaven on Earth.

J P Reddy - customer at Aswani Springdale

Small is beautiful

  • Why we need to think intelligent. And think small.

    The density of population in Bangalore has increased by close to 50 % over the past ten years. While urban planners are looking at adding newer fringe areas, and a network of satellite towns to ease the density in and around Bangalore, obtaining land for residential projects at a good price is still a big challenge. Land prices have increased by 75% over the last five years, as well.

    So how can we make homes still affordable and within the reach of the common man?

    At Aswani Properties, we looked at “thinking small”. After a lot of trials, learning, research and prototyping we arrived at a uniquely magical size of around 500 square feet. So, what can you expect from 500 square feet? At Aswani Properties we have good news for you.

    So in our magical figure of 545 square feet at Aswani Aaeesha we have ensured that every square foot gives you more, without any wastage of space. We’re giving you two independent bedrooms, a western style bathroom, a spacious living area, a comfortable dining area and a well-planned kitchen. Our 935 square foot apartment offers the same orientation in a larger 3-BHK format.

    Another thing to keep in mind is the actual carpet area you get when you move in. In our “small is beautiful” homes you get close to 80 % of the space specified by us. Something that is unmatched in Bangalore.

    All our compact homes give you convenience on the inside and big value on the outside. You get a swimming pool, a children’s play area, a club house with a gym, breathing space around the property and individual parking slots.
    How much can you pack into a 545 sft apartment?
    • In Mumbai > One Hall + Kitchen.
    • In Bangalore, till recently > One Hall + Kitchen + One bedroom.
    • Copy of latest credit card statement.
    • At Aswani Aaeesha > One drawing-cum-dining room + Two bedrooms + One bathroom + One kitchen.
    What can a 545 sft apartment accommodate in terms of furniture?
    • Master bedroom > One queen-sized bed + 4-door wardrobe + dressing table.
    • Children’s bedroom > One two-tier bunker bed + 2-door wardrobe + study table.
    • Drawing room > One 6-chair dining table + 3-plus-2 seater sofa + coffee table+TV and bookstand console.
    • Kitchen > Comfortable kitchen counter with surface space for microwave, dosa grinder, mixie and chopping board space. Storage space below and above kitchen counter-top. Floor space for fridge and vegetable racks.
    • Bathroom > Adequate space for WC and shower area. Also planned space for wash basin, washing machine and clothes basket.
    • Balconies for bedrooms > Enough space for 3 chairs and a teapoy + clothes drying rack.
    Why a 545 sft apartment makes total sense?
    • It is the smallest, ideal size for a complete two-bedroom apartment – ideal for a small family with two kids.
    • Most first-home two bedroom apartments are in the 900sft and 1000sft range, which may not be affordable with the current rates.
    • Though the 545 sft apartment is small, it has the same value appreciation benefits that the larger formats give you. In fact the appreciation could be more, as there is a good demand for these formats.
    • When your needs grow, you can easily sell your 545 sft apartment and upgrade to a larger 3-bedroom apartment.
    • Most small format apartments are mere concrete structures without any breathing space or convenience zones. At Aswani Aaeesha, we have elaborately planned convenience zones with provision for lung spaces, swimming pool, club house and community areas.
    • We also have adequate parking areas – both covered and open-to-sky for residents.
    • Our plans include water recycling facilities for the project, and 24/7 back-up for power and water.
    • All plans and sanctions have been obtained from competent authorities to safeguard your investment.
    • You also have the reassurance of the best material inputs, accessories and finishes.
    • Our 545 sft homes are approved for convenient loans by all leading banks.

    Please note that our 775 sft (2 BHK) and 925 sft (3BHK) apartments offer the same space value advantage in a larger format.

    Important : Apartment prices, land value, and loan related figures are indicative and subject to change. Please write to us at enquiry@aswaniproperties.com for updated information.

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