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There’s something very comforting about the way the people behind Aswani manage and develop their projects. As a customer I have seen great assistance and total transparency in all their dealings with me. Right from selection, to registration and legal documentation, I received great support and engagement. Even after we have moved in, they are always available for assistance.

Kunal Gaurav - customer at Aswani Sitara

When we bought our 3 BHK apartment at Aswani Sitara, little did we realize what a comfortable community we would move into. At Sitara, we have amenities like club house and swimming pool, which are normally available in larger projects. Aswani has a good team of planners, designers and builders – they made my dream come true.

R. Satish Babu - customer at Aswani Sitara

One of the most reassuring things about Aswani Properties is their diligence in obtaining proper sanctions and approvals from civic bodies for their projects. I am a customer at Aswani Sitara, and I have had my papers verified by an external legal consultant, who finds my entire file in proper order – right from land acquisition, plan sanction, and the individual processes that ensure that there are no deviations in construction. And that is one big relief ​when someone is making a major investment like this . . .

Sunil Kulkarni - customer at Aswani Sitara

In our old house, my grandchildren had no place to play in the evenings. Even I found it unsafe to go for my everyday walk near the house because of heavy traffic. When we moved into our villa at Aswani Springdale, it was like heaven for me. So much of breathing space, with tree-lined avenues, a large park with exotic trees and a spacious play area for the children. This is heaven on Earth.

J P Reddy - customer at Aswani Springdale

Rent vs EMI

  • Why paying rent doesn’t make sense in the long run

    If you’re staying in a rented house, you should make plans to see how quickly you can move to an apartment of your own. Because the rent you pay goes to the landlord, without any long term benefits for you. On the other hand if the rent amount can go towards a loan against a new apartment, each installment you pay adds up - month after month, year after year.

    At Aswani Homes, we have done an analysis indicating that you should move to your loan-financed apartment within two years of staying in a rented home. Beyond two years you really stand to lose.

    Here’s an easy-to-understand summary of the study we have made to help you in your decision:
    • On a rent of Rs 10,000 rupees a month, you pay Rs 1,20,000 rupees a year.
    • Each year the rent will increase by 10%.
    • At the end of five years, your rent will be Rs 13, 300 per month (Rs 1,59,600 a year).
    • At the end of five years, you would have also paid Rs.5,56,920/- towards rent (Total money paid)
    Let us extend this logic to another five years:
    • At the end of ten years, your monthly rent (with escalation) will be Rs 21, 436 (Rs 2,57,232 per year).
    • At the end of ten years, you would have also paid Rs18,25,279 as rent.
    • At the end of ten years, you are still paying rent, without any asset to your name.
    • Every year with increments, your income will go up - but the increase in income goes towards the increase in rent.
    Now let us see what happens if you pay EMIs instead of rent:
    • For an apartment of Rs 25,00,000 your EMI will be 20,296 per month*
      (*On a housing loan tenure of 20 years on 85% bank funding)
    • You are paying Rs.10,296 more per month, but helping you own an asset.
    • There is no escalation of EMI every year, in fact there will be some accrual benefits.
    • At the end of the first year, your Rs 25,00,000 lakh apartment will be worth Rs 28,75,000.
    • At the end of five years, your apartment will be worth Rs 50,28,393.
    • At the end of ten years, your apartment will be worth Rs 1,01,13,894.
    • Every year, with increments, your income will go up - but the increase in income is available to you for your family.

    Take another look at these figures and compare what you have at the end of ten years – paying rent, or EMIs. It is always practical and sensible to work towards acquiring an asset and owning a home – why start when you’re 40, when you can start now.

    What happens if you delay your decision on your own home
    • The apartment that is now Rs 25,00,000 will be Rs 50, 28, 393 in five years.
    • The apartment that is now Rs 25,00,000 will be Rs 1,01,13,894 in ten years.

    Isn’t it better to have a home that is worth Rs 1,01,13,894 in ten years, rather than buy it after 10 years for Rs 1,01,13,894, where the EMI per month will be a staggering Rs 96,600 per month?
    That can be a startling figure, but true as you will soon see.

    Important : Apartment prices, land value, and loan related figures are indicative and subject to change. Please write to us at enquiry@aswaniproperties.com for updated information.

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