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There’s something very comforting about the way the people behind Aswani manage and develop their projects. As a customer I have seen great assistance and total transparency in all their dealings with me. Right from selection, to registration and legal documentation, I received great support and engagement. Even after we have moved in, they are always available for assistance.

Kunal Gaurav - customer at Aswani Sitara

When we bought our 3 BHK apartment at Aswani Sitara, little did we realize what a comfortable community we would move into. At Sitara, we have amenities like club house and swimming pool, which are normally available in larger projects. Aswani has a good team of planners, designers and builders – they made my dream come true.

R. Satish Babu - customer at Aswani Sitara

One of the most reassuring things about Aswani Properties is their diligence in obtaining proper sanctions and approvals from civic bodies for their projects. I am a customer at Aswani Sitara, and I have had my papers verified by an external legal consultant, who finds my entire file in proper order – right from land acquisition, plan sanction, and the individual processes that ensure that there are no deviations in construction. And that is one big relief ​when someone is making a major investment like this . . .

Sunil Kulkarni - customer at Aswani Sitara

In our old house, my grandchildren had no place to play in the evenings. Even I found it unsafe to go for my everyday walk near the house because of heavy traffic. When we moved into our villa at Aswani Springdale, it was like heaven for me. So much of breathing space, with tree-lined avenues, a large park with exotic trees and a spacious play area for the children. This is heaven on Earth.

J P Reddy - customer at Aswani Springdale

Site vs Apartment

  • How an apartment makes more sense than buying a site

    For many of us living in a rented home, there is always this desire to move into our own home. At this stage, “our own home” could be a house that we build, or an apartment built for us. If we choose to build or construct our own home we might even be tempted to go beyond ground floor - with a rental income in mind. While this an option open to you, it is difficult to achieve and accomplish with the limited resources at our disposal – especially in terms of time and money.

    Let’s explain this with a clear comparison between buying a site and choosing an apartment:

    Buying a site
    • A typical 30 x 40 site will cost you around Rs 36 lakhs in and around Electronic City.
    • Which means you will still need to find 14,40,000 as your initial contribution.
    • The EMI for Rs 21,60,000 will be 21,600 per month - and according to the bank’s guidelines you have to construct your house within two years.
    • If you don’t construct within two years, the loan will be treated as a mortgage loan with higher interest – EMI will then be Rs.30,240.
    Constructing a home:
    • To construct your house you will need an additional loan, let’s say around Rs 10,90,000 for a simple two-bedroom house.
    • After you construct the house and move in, your EMI will be Rs 21,600 for the plot, plus Rs 9,265 for the home loan.
    • This is just for the ground floor home that you want to stay in. You will still need money for the first and second floors.
    • If for some reason you don’t construct a house, the money spent is a dead investment. You’re not staying there, and you may not get a rental income from the property.
    What if you decide to buy a plot beyond the outskirts of the city:
    • Any purchase of land beyond the outskirts of the city is not a safe option.
    • The seller may sell you agricultural land that is divided by him into plots.
    • You will not be sure of approvals, conversion history, or title deed status.
    • Most importantly, you will not be sure of other essentials like water and power supply.
    • You will also have to consider proximity to schools, markets, banks, doctors, hospitals, and your own place of work or business.
    • Other useful things to consider, is the kind of neighborhood for your family members and play areas for your children.
    Now let’s see what happens when you buy an apartment from Aswani Homes:
    • The cost of a 2 BHK apartment in Electronic City is around Rs 25 lakhs – we’re offering you well-planned built-up areas of around 545 square feet.
    • For this apartment, you will be eligible for a loan amount of 85% of the apartment cost.
      (Your own contribution will be just Rs 3,75,000 to start the process)
    • Your EMI for Rs 21, 25,000 will be around Rs 20,000 per month, and there are two ways of looking at this:
      • - You can rent out your apartment from the very first month of handover, and reduce the EMI from Rs 20,000 to Rs 14,000 (minimum rent of 6,000 guaranteed).
      • - You can stay in your own apartment and subsidize the EMI with the rent of Rs 10,000 that you have been paying.
    • Looking at the cash flow issues, it will be simpler if you move into you own apartment and manage the additional Rs 10,000 you would need to pay.

    Coming back to the Site vs EMI logic, here’s what you need in hand if you’re buying an apartment, or a 30x40 site in Electronic City.

    • Step One, for a site - you will need Rs 16,03,500.
    • Step One, for an apartment - you will need just Rs 3,75,000.
    Now let’s look at the other benefits of owning an apartment from Aswani Homes:
    • All title deeds, paperwork and approvals are clear, and can be inspected by you before purchase.
    • Each project has detailed plans for living spaces, utility areas, common areas and parking.
    • Design, planning and construction is done by an experienced team that ensures the best inputs in terms of men, processes and materials.
    • Each project has the benefit of recommended setbacks and other prescribed open spaces.
    • Projects marketed currently have designated parking areas, a clubhouse, swimming pool, and a gym.
    • They come with the necessary back up for power to ensure 24/7 supply.
    • We also ensure 24/7 water supply through a dedicated ground water source at the site/grey water recycle.
    • Each project will also have round-the-clock security and protection.
    • Both exteriors and interiors will have the best inputs in terms of design and material inputs and quality of finishes.
    • Each project will have conveniently located stairways and lifts.
    • The number of lifts per apartment block is planned by estimated people traffic, to avoid overloading of resource.
    Loans available from all leading banks:
    • Our projects are approved by all leading banks, and we can advise you on the procedures for obtaining a loan.
    • Our customer support team will also advise you on the best ways to plan your monthly allocation based on your income, towards current rentals and EMI payments.
    • We also have Single Window Assistance to help you choose the right apartment for your family and plan the most practical ways of financing your commitments.

    Important : Apartment prices, land value, and loan related figures are indicative and subject to change. Please write to us at enquiry@aswaniproperties.com for updated information.

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