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Data Security

Our digital team employs a high degree of professionalism and care in the handling, storage and use of information collected. The team also uses thoroughly tested systems, processes and controls that are multi-tiered to ensure data security. This is to prevent unauthorized access, data breaching, or modification of data collected and stored on our servers.

On an ethical front, information collected is not shared with third-party mailing agents. Where relevant, or necessary, we may share on a selective and quantified basis some of this information with business partners and affiliates who partner with us to market, or sell products and services featured on our site or social media platforms.

By accessing the site and clicking on its featured pages and links, site visitors automatically imply their acceptance to the above stated policy and our intentions to both safeguard and use personal information provided.

After a site user has provided personal information s/he can make a request to delete personal information from our records, or unsubscribe from any of the services earlier subscribed to, or requested. If you need more information, or clarification on the content provided in this privacy policy, or disclaimer, please write in to: info@aswaniproperties.com .

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