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Privacy Policy

This privacy policy pertains to the content and visual presentation on our website www.aswaniproperties.com .The digital team at Aswani Properties Private Limited takes great care when it comes to the collection, storage, and selective use of information obtained from users to ensure data privacy and security.

Personal information could be collected when users / site visitors access our site from various devices. This typically happens when users visit our site, fill out forms, subscribe to our newsletters, and click on various links to obtain more information or have specific queries related to our products and services.

Typically, site visitors will find forms on our site with multiple fields, such as name, occupation, place of work, email address, mailing address, phone number. Filling in, or completing these forms is totally optional and site visitors can, or may choose to access and browse the site as unregistered, or anonymous guests.

Our digital team may also collect browser and hardware related information – which could include browser names / versions, geographical location, operating system and hardware configuration and the kind of internet access used.

Our digital team may also use cookies to improve user access and experience. Cookie placement on your hard drive is only meant to track a user’s link preferences and site related interests. If site visitors disable cookies, some sections of the website may not respond, or be easily accessible.

Here’s a listing of reasons why our digital team thinks it is important to collect personal information for site visitors.

  • Information logged in by site visitors helps us respond to customer queries, information requests on our products, services and information provided by us on the site.
  • Browsing information collected also helps us optimize your browsing sessions and fine tune your site level preferences.
  • Information provided helps us create a database of visitors who have voluntarily provided both personal and other contact information that helps us in turn contact them to provide further assistance and information.
  • If the information provided relates to a specific offer, promotion, pricing plan or feature, our team will link their preferences indicated during form filling and data collection, to offer related benefits and services
  • Information collected is sometimes linked to newsletter subscription, or social media activity, which is again voluntary and calls for a response from us in terms of email, phone calls, or thank you posts.
  • Information collected can also be used by us to keep site visitors informed about updates on new projects, new services, and information from our project and financial partners. This could include announcements, upcoming events, and links to our blog and social media assets.
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